Delsys :Pakistan’s first Carbon Neutral Petroleum delivery company

Delsys :Pakistan’s first Carbon Neutral Petroleum delivery company

DELSYS is an innovative mobile fueling company developing a platform to refuel the needs of the industry and common people, it is dedicated to addressing the problems of safety, adulteration, and pilferage in fuel handling. We are a provider of fuel delivery services intended to refuel generators.

The company’s services are offered through its online platform. We provide doorstep delivery of fuels like diesel in specialized tamper-proof miniature tanks, enabling people and business clients to get refueling assistance in a convenient manner thereby avoiding the issues of safety, adulteration, and pilferage in fuel handling.

Delsys started its operations a year ago and was the brainchild of a team that identified the disruptions in the fuel industry and devised a customer-centric business proposition to address issues being faced by customers.

It currently operates in Karachi and aims at developing the market further thus expanding to major cities throughout the country.

The company’s services are offered through an online platform that delivers fuel at the customer’s doorstep in specialized tamper-proof tanks which ensures the safety and guarantees zero pilferage.

Delsys has become Pakistan’s first Carbon neutral Safe fuel delivery startup company that offsets all emissions released by their trucks and the fuel they sold. They also cut congestion & CO2 at Petrol pumps and every boost save 2 driven miles and 1.4 pounds of CO2 emissions.

In Continuation of the biggest ever tree plantation drive in history which had been launched in the country with the vision of the Prime Minister Imran Khan for continuing the green revolution in Pakistan last year, Delsys contributed a Plantation Drive at NIC Karachi ( NED University) where they planted 200 trees, Urban Forest, as a corporate sector not only understand but also delivering their responsibility and are role models who care for the carbon footprint and mitigating it at their best.

Delsys will play its part in making Pakistan Green. Their focus on Carbon offsetting is one step they have taken to support the transition towards a low-carbon future.

This comes in addition to their existing efforts, from reducing the carbon intensity of oil and gas operations to investments in plantations, our end node delivery fleets are 100% carbon neutral.

The government of Pakistan presented an award for “Future development and Innovation”, keeping the startup’s corporate social responsibility in a limited time since inception. The decision was made communally by the Governing Body of the National Forum for Environment and Health (NFEH) and some top philanthropists.

Delsys is and always has been, an organization focused on giving back to the communities where we live, work and play. As a company that grew from strong regional roots, they are firmly and proudly entrenched in our local connections.

It is a privilege to serve operating markets through corporate giving as well as through hands-on employee volunteering. With strong ties to their communities, Delsys’s staff members share their belief in giving back and strongly reflect our culture of leading change through responsibility and action

This idea gives Delsys a first-mover advantage and the ability to serve as a bridge between donors and beneficiaries. They are helping the top tier NGOs in Health and Education Sector to fundraise their fueling needs and then provide them quality fuels at their doorstep safely on behalf of the donor.


DelSys has been leading the charge in doorstep fuel delivery in Karachi since its inception.

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