EZFUELS bags Fire & Safety Award at the 11TH Annual Fire, Safety & Security Convention

EZFUELS bags Fire & Safety Award at the 11TH Annual Fire, Safety & Security Convention

EZFUELS, a home-grown mobile fuelling company, operating under the umbrella of DelSys Technologies has won the Fire & Safety Award at the 11th Annual Fire, Safety & Security Convention held at a local hotel recently.

The award was presented keeping the startup’s business vision, precision, and the safety aspect of managing fuel on the go. The decision was made communally by the Governing Body of the National Forum for Environment and Health (NFEH) and the Fire Protection Association of Pakistan (FPAP).

Mohammad Yusuf Jan, Advisor of EZFUELS said: “I am sure that this startup has a long way to go given its vision, the passion of its founding partners, and the unique selling proposition on the basis on which their business is already thriving.

“We identified a market gap and capitalized upon it, knowing that this need exists and customers can eventually be served on their doorstep,” said Muhammad Omer Khan, the CEO of DelSys Technologies. “This idea gives EZFUELS a first mover advantage and the ability to serve customers without them having to come physically to fuel stations, thus not only saving their fuel required for commute but also their most valuable asset, that is time. We thrive on our business offering based on quality and safety which we have invested heavily on as the reliability factor is of utmost importance to us.”

EZFUELS started its operations a year ago and was the brainchild of a team that identified the disruptions in the fuel industry and devised a customer-centric business proposition to address issues being faced by customers. It currently operates in Karachi and aims at developing the market further thus expanding to major cities throughout the country. The company’s services are offered through an online platform that delivers fuel at the customer’s doorstep in specialized tamper-proof tanks which ensures the safety and guarantees zero pilferage


DelSys has been leading the charge in doorstep fuel delivery in Karachi since its inception.

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